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Late King Lear Weather Hits Kent

April 28, Saturday. (Bloomberg) A magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck Kent, a region southeast of London known as “the Garden of England”,in the worst tremor in the area since 1580, the British Geological Survey said. Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! … Continue reading

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Coming Shortly

One year short of the 400th anniversary of the “first” tourist’s journey across Europe, Robin Hunt follows in the footsteps of one of Shakespeare’s drinking mates, Thomas Coryat, armed with the latest communication technologies (and an online computer database filled … Continue reading

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Coming Shortly 2

MAY 14TH 2007 399 years ago today an under employed Englishman whose London drinking friends included William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, John Donne and the teenage Prince of Wales, set out alone on a walking trip across Europe. On May 14, … Continue reading

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Shakespeare News

The idea of the Renaissance Computer will feature here over the next few months. Meanwhile in America and London…And happy birthday… Even if Will was not “A man of travel, that hath seen the world.” In the electronic age with … Continue reading

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The Scarlett Pimpernell Looks at the World

there is more real romance hidden beneath the formal Anglo-Saxon exterior than is possessed by the efferverscent Gaul or the polished Roman. The reserve, the coolness, the marked difference between casual acquaintance and friendship, the general old-fashioned quiet which the … Continue reading

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And we’ll moonrake here before we start

In Moonraker, written here by Ian Fleming in 1953, “M” said: “I’m always suspicious of sunburned men in England. Either they’ve got no job of work to do or they put it on with a sun lamp.” He didn’t like … Continue reading

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Where we will begin, three miles from Dover

Wherefore to Dover? Let him answer that. King Lear, Act III Scene 7 Know’st thou the way to Dover? Both stile and gate, horse-way and footpath. Act IV Scene I Read: King Lear Russell Gardens Autumn RH

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Juliette Greco – Sous Le Ciel De Paris

Inspiration as I plan… …all that is missing is Miles So here he is.

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I want to capture both the moment of Europe now and catch the echoes of its many histories. Trace the threads of European culture, and investigate some of the ways it has been depicted by writers, photographers, film-makers, broadcasters, printers, … Continue reading

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Another inspiration, for sure

“And I think Chatwin spent a lot more time in libraries than he did on the road, and that is not a very glamorous thing to remind people of. But he spent years in libraries all over the world reading … Continue reading

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