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A little Cruditie

I felt bad taking the train to Dusseldorf until I discovered that Tom had taken a boat all the way from Cologne to Rees, and he’d ganged up with a bunch of Englishmen who he travelled with for the rest … Continue reading

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Cologne and the Gunpowder Plot

One final detail. On his last day in Cologne Tom saw, somewhere in the city, a portrait of the Jesuit Priest, Henry Garnett, who had been executed in London in 1606 in controversial circumstances. After his hanging it was claimed … Continue reading

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A moment from Stifel, Cologne – the human juke box

Sitting in the pub window watching the world go by, about eleven on Saturday night. A man dressed with a silver foil wrapped box on his head on which a number of rectangles with words are arranged stops. He is … Continue reading

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At Cologne Cathedral

The situation of Colen is very delectable… Their Cathedrall Church which is dedicated to St. Peter is a goodly building, but it is a great pittie that it is so imperfect. For it but halfe ended. Doubtlesse it would be … Continue reading

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Written in Dusseldorf

After the poetry night, coming soon after Beuys, Tartort, and salsa… North By Northwest, again, on German TV Early enough, as a kid, the RushmoreScenes, the crop duster, the drunk drivingThat today seems risible when the lawsOf gravity don’t exist … Continue reading

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A small poem for Vlissigen Zo de wind waait, waait z’n jasje As the wind blows, so does his jacket (i.e. He will jump on any bandwagon) Dutch Proverb To light a cigarette with a candleKills a sailor, they say, … Continue reading

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The older grey-haired busker is already at his spot, where he’ll play a David Byrne song about ten thousand times, and noodle nice blues and chat to anyone and drink a lot and witness several dogfights and about ten thousand … Continue reading

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Post Chamberlain, the Clash Years

Cologne at 5.30am for geo-spatial reasons which don’t involve being a Time Lord, though I have been in conversation with a pair of Afrikaans who tease me about the riots and the rugby. It is a good time to see … Continue reading

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Anarchy in the old Capital

If Bonn was Washington, then Petersburg was Camp David, incidentally a fashion label worn unselfish-consciously around town by sturdy, short cropped men who would be horrified by the camp thing; Sontag readers they do not look like. In its marble … Continue reading

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Where Britain Lost its Morality (1938)

You’re only here once, so you’ve got to get it right– no time to fuss and fight –Coz life doesn’t mean much if it’s measured out in someone else’s time XTC, King for a Day, 1989 A lot of IPod … Continue reading

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