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@ The Big Easy, aka Der Einfache Grosse

Perhaps it is my age but the Sunday afternoon version of Chur’s festival is far more to my taste. The alleyways and courtyards of the old town echo to a grosser easy of old Americana tunes, Johnny B Goode, Teddy … Continue reading

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Today is the 400th anniversary of Tom’s Departure

A picture from Padua’s railway station Thanks Tom for inspiring my walk, changed my life – a little And in other news: the Venice bottom snapper has finally been caught. Normal walking service will shortly resume: I’m writing an academic … Continue reading

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Out: Verona. In : Hawaii. Shakespeare to work on next series of "Heroes"

“I shall say good night till it be morrow.” “Romeo Montague dies for Juliet and awakens in this age on a volcano in Hawaii, where he meets a wise Zen Master. So is the premise of James Edwards’ new time-travel … Continue reading

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“Oh reason not the need.”

In 1603, another plague year in London, William Shakespeare took his players on a tour. The Chamberlain’s men visited Bath, Rochester and came here, to Dover. Was this the time that he wrote, or at least visualized, King Lear? That … Continue reading

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Coming Shortly

One year short of the 400th anniversary of the “first” tourist’s journey across Europe, Robin Hunt follows in the footsteps of one of Shakespeare’s drinking mates, Thomas Coryat, armed with the latest communication technologies (and an online computer database filled … Continue reading

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Shakespeare News

The idea of the Renaissance Computer will feature here over the next few months. Meanwhile in America and London…And happy birthday… Even if Will was not “A man of travel, that hath seen the world.” In the electronic age with … Continue reading

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