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My Very Own Spaces in Between

Even when intensely focused – on Coryat, his route, the Rhine, just finishing, the detail of everything from light to the often mythological names of the container ships that cruise the river – I am also living the bi-polar existence … Continue reading

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The Walk to Duisburg

This far into the journey a potential 40 kilometre walk holds few fears, and though the hills and mountains that have formed my backdrop in the mid Rhine have gone and i’m preparing for the flatlands of Holland there is … Continue reading

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Art Haus

The first towne that I came unto was Dysseldorp a faire towne of Cleve-land, situate hard by the Rhene, which is famous for two things, the one a magnificent Palace belonging to the Duke: the other the residence of the … Continue reading

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A short little palimpsest of Speyer

Ever since I saw and became obsessed with the work of the German conceptual artist, Anselm Kiefer, I’ve wanted to see – and walk – and, inevitably, photograph, haphazardly, some of the rhineland landscapes that appear to have influenced his … Continue reading

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