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Dover, Sunday: girls, champers and guns

“When the King’s messenger came there, they gave 3d in winter and 2d in summer for horse passage. The burgesses found a steersman and 1 other assistant. If there was more labour it was hired with his own money.” From … Continue reading

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Dover and Writers

“We must love one another or die.” The poet W.H. Auden has been a source of comfort for many years. I discovered him at school, wrote my dissertation about him at University, and have returned to his works, poetry and … Continue reading

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“Oh reason not the need.”

In 1603, another plague year in London, William Shakespeare took his players on a tour. The Chamberlain’s men visited Bath, Rochester and came here, to Dover. Was this the time that he wrote, or at least visualized, King Lear? That … Continue reading

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Where ignorant armies clash by night

…really neither joy, nor love, nor lightNor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain If you are standing on the deck of a cross channel ferry headed for France and looking back to land then I reckon that Shakespeare takes … Continue reading

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He came to spread success, and he has spread it…

Above, from The Dovonian, the Dover College magazine, summer 1963. Either I mistake your shape and making quite,Or else you are that shrewd and knavish spriteCall’d Robin Goodfellow. Fairy to Puck: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act II Sc 1. Bushy … Continue reading

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The Times is Very Kind

Today there is a piece in The Times of London about me and the trip: “While my life is weighty (in a not-unpleasant way), his is light.” From Kate Muir’s The Dark Ages And Crime writer and friend Olen Steinhauer … Continue reading

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Tourist Zone or Workplace?

“You’re working in the abstract, sharing space with these people who you cannot imagine existing in the world outside, and the sexual and the personal life is repressed for most of the day. But believe me, when it comes out, … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson, MP, becomes minor Jules Verne via John Lennon, suggests invasion

On the first day of Nicholas Sarkozy’s France, a Daily Telegraph visionary has the solution to South East England’s property madness. You may say I’m a dreamer, in the words of the poet Lennon, but I’m not the only one. … Continue reading

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Even Walking is Getting Faster

The picture above is from Budapest – which doesn’t appear in the top twenty ‘World is walking 10% faster‘ Ten fastest walking cities in the World 1) Singapore (Singapore 2) Copenhagen (Denmark) 3) Madrid (Spain) 4) Guangzhou (China) 5) Dublin … Continue reading

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Europe: From the People’s Daily (China) online

The opening of the large museums indeed make people feel the essence of the European Culture. Various large events being held in the museums show that people still recognize and respect the European culture and history. A good example is … Continue reading

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