Boris Johnson, MP, becomes minor Jules Verne via John Lennon, suggests invasion

On the first day of Nicholas Sarkozy’s France, a Daily Telegraph visionary has the solution to South East England’s property madness.

You may say I’m a dreamer, in the words of the poet Lennon, but I’m not the only one. It was back in the 1980s that EuroRoute proposed a magnificent scheme to the British and French governments, backed by such names as Barclays and Trafalgar House. The EuroRoute involved both a road and a rail link, and it strikes me as tragic that we didn’t choose it. Dial it up now, and you will see how the motorist goes out to sea on a big bridge, though no bigger than many already in existence. You then arrive at an island seven miles out, like a gigantic Fisher-Price kiddy kar park, and you descend a short spiral ramp to the sea-bed.

There will be a lot of Jules Verne over the coming weeks, and probably not so much Boris Johnson – who strikes me as a Coryat kind of figure. I pity the traveller 400 years on who tries to follow in Boris’s footsteps. Or cycle-tracks.

Meanwhile, another view of invasion – the other way around.

And the National Review discovers an entirely new Kent

The Kent Corridor from London to Dover is known ironically as “France’s Silicon Valley.”

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