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Kulturkampf Gott und die Staat features in the neat bookshop window frieze Suggesting that Bonn has not lost all of its politics With the reunifying right hand shift back to Berlin. Because old-school Marxist analysis never said seize The day … Continue reading

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Pussy Galore in Baden

The rain continues; all night now and into the morning. We leave Zurich’s cafe Schwarzenbach around 10.15 and it’s still pouring. Norbert has an umbrella, I have a soft hat advertising Splugen. Today we are walking the Limmat river to … Continue reading

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New Mobile, New Chur, New Labour

Author’s note. The photographs are all on my Facebook pages, so to see them you’ll have to visit. I am half way through a panegyric to the wonders of Swiss nature walking the first few miles from Ems towards Chur. … Continue reading

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@ The Big Easy, aka Der Einfache Grosse

Perhaps it is my age but the Sunday afternoon version of Chur’s festival is far more to my taste. The alleyways and courtyards of the old town echo to a grosser easy of old Americana tunes, Johnny B Goode, Teddy … Continue reading

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Thusis and Learning to slow down

Three years ago my progress was pretty stately. Osyters in Whitsable, a night in my father’s cottage near Dover, a Channel crossing; Calais in the rain. This morning was a blur of home-printed plane tickets, no check in, an Orange … Continue reading

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My Tool for this Trip

All this and more. It better bloody work.

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Some thoughts on returning to Tom Coryat’s Walk

Three and half years ago when I started this recreation, this walk across Europe, I had a laptop, a portable hard drive, and a lot of material typed in the British Library. Plus my Merrells. Now I have an IPad. … Continue reading

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The Letter Goes Out, the rains start pouring in London

Hello everyone, Tomorrow, August 19, I’ll be restarting a walk across Europe (with somefuel-powered assistance) that I began in May 2007. 402 years after theevent I’m again following in the footsteps and barge paths, inscriptionsand “inns” of Thomas Coryat, Jacobean … Continue reading

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Whitstable, where it all began, and one of Peter’s faves. So tomorrow the countdown begins: first to New York to hang with Portia, meet old friends, buy that IPAD, and some NYC Sales’ clothes. Three years on from the first … Continue reading

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