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Cremona in four movements

Cremona is a music town; likes to think of itself as the centre for the greatest violin making in history. A hundred metres from its cathedral is a museum with examples from Stradivari, Guaraneri dei Gesû; as well as violins … Continue reading

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Travelling art, finding a space

A collector phones from somewhere – Asia, actually – saying the money is sent. Ulrich Rückriem sits in his braces and yellow shirt, laughs, and then chats some more. We meet by complete chance in the piazza facing Mantua’s cathedral: … Continue reading

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Tom and Mantua

My observations of Mantua… “The Citie of Mantua I take to be one of the auncientest cities of Italy, auncienter then Rome by foure hundred and thirty yeares….Truly it is neither the long genealogie of the Tuscan Kings, nor the … Continue reading

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Mantua has a lot

A decptive town, Mantua. Mantegna, Virgil, Tom, Street theatres, Palazzos. And a world famous artist interviewd. Too much for one day: Padua tomorrow.

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Making hay Betwixt Cremona and Mantua

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Tom’s Cremona

My observations on Cremona. “Cremona is a very beautifull citie, seated under a very pleasant and holesome climate, built with bricke, and walled with bricke wals, wherein are five gates; and it is invironed with trenches and rampiers, and pleasantly … Continue reading

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Woman: An Old Story

“I observed a great multitude of country clownes that came the Sunday morning to Mantua that I was there, with strawen hats and feathers in them, and every one had his sithe and hooke in his hand; belikie they came … Continue reading

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The Excluded Family

Just a few hundred metres from Lodi’s Romanesque cathedral – and thus also very close to its centrifugal squares, where the town comes together – is an octagonal church, the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary crowned. It is covered … Continue reading

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All in the Family

“The thing you need to understand about Cremona is that it is having a little war with Piacenza, that’s where we are from. You find the same thing everywhere in Italy: rivalries. Maybe it starts with football, but it’s not … Continue reading

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Not for the rain: that has gone, the heat, the heat

Pizzighettone is a lunchtime stop with lunch. Only the vagaries of Italian transport mean it is a white-heat afternoon tea stop, without tea. Walled and towered, Tom’s kind of place. He spots fans, and something more: “I rode from Lodi … Continue reading

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