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Betwixt technology?

A vision of Venice to come perhaps? Oh, god. There I was saying technology could bring us together. This from the Sydney Morning Herald: “PICTURE this. You’re one of France’s best-known living conceptual artists. You are 51 and visiting Berlin. … Continue reading

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The Discrete Charm of the Vercellese

In Vercelli, a secret jewel of Lombardy, Ferrari is a quite good Renaissance painter and Casanova runs the hardware store. “You are like a land no one has ever mentioned before,” Pavese wrote of the place and from the first … Continue reading

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Nobel Laureate on "Europe"

From a new German-based magazine. I may be reaching for harsh words, but I feel no need to apologise. It is my conviction that the moment for gravity, in the most literal sense, has arrived. When there is a need … Continue reading

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The Stereophonics do the Italian Job

Oh, the joy of Repetitions

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Turin and three writers

“We don’t remember days; we remember moments.” Notebooks of Ceare Pavese, (28.7.1940) Twenty years ago the chemist, memoirist, short story writer, novelist, essayist, Primo Levi committed suicide in Turin, the place of his birth. His account of the year he … Continue reading

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Vercelli: Tom Finds the Fork

Any town with newspaper cuttings of Hannah Arendt and James Bond in a shop window has to be good, and Vercelli is. “I rod from Sian at about foure of the clocke in the morning, the fourteenth day of June … Continue reading

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