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Postwar Europe

Without such collective amnesia, Europe’s astonishing post-war recovery would not have been possible. Tony JudtPostwar

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Europe, with hope

“Our intellectual potential needs its own spaces, for Europe’s sense of purpose and for Europe’s good. Culture must simply be given the room it needs, without specifying in advance what this room should be. Europe must be prepared to take … Continue reading

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Tourist Zone or Workplace?

“You’re working in the abstract, sharing space with these people who you cannot imagine existing in the world outside, and the sexual and the personal life is repressed for most of the day. But believe me, when it comes out, … Continue reading

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Europe: From the People’s Daily (China) online

The opening of the large museums indeed make people feel the essence of the European Culture. Various large events being held in the museums show that people still recognize and respect the European culture and history. A good example is … Continue reading

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