Europe, with hope

“Our intellectual potential needs its own spaces, for Europe’s sense of purpose and for Europe’s good. Culture must simply be given the room it needs, without specifying in advance what this room should be. Europe must be prepared to take this risk, and it must have the courage to give scope to its pictures and its sounds, its stories and its poetic inventions, and to its sciences as well, even if that involves effort and expense that do not immediately pay off. Europe should not necessarily be guided by its culture, but it must allow its culture to accompany it. That is where our innermost strength lies. America is too materialistic in its thinking to consider taking such a step. In Asia, and that includes the “new tigers” China and India, culture does not enjoy this status; there is not such high regard for “the individual” and “what is one’s own”, nor is there such a highly developed sense of neighbourliness and community.”

German film maker, Wim Wenders

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