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Coffee Perfecto

In 1901 Luigi Bezzera, an engineer from Milan, created the first espresso machine which used steam to make coffee. But espresso as we know it was born in 1947 when Achille Gaggia, a bar owner in Milan, invented a way … Continue reading

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France: How to Live There in Print

How to live in France just by reading Picture from Treviso “Francophile porn: Living the ex-pat fantasy Before I had the inspiration of writing posts on the geography of different regions as a way of learning about France, I considered … Continue reading

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Street theatre two: Salome

Salome. There will be more Salome & Wilde, shortly.

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Enter Oscar Wilde: Salome next…first Dorian

“As soon as he was alone, he lit a cigarette, and began sketching upon a piece of paper, drawing flowers, and bits of architecture, first, and then faces. Suddenly he remarked that every face that he drew seemed to have … Continue reading

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