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Eyes Wide Shut

At the Auberge in St Leu rising for breakfast at eight raises eyebrows; by ten the market shows little signs of life either. A sleepy town, even the bikes are moth-balled. The 10:19 train to Paris, via Creil, arrives at … Continue reading

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Men will do Anything for Attention

In France it is no different. Milan 2, Liverpool 1 (Inzaghi 2).

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Self Portrait with Soap Opera

After Helena Bonham-Carter And E.M Forster

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Madame Bovary & the Champions League

For Traditionalists Clermont finds Thomas fascinated by a “wanted” poster – for an Englishman, naturally. I think he’s light on details because Paris is pulling him in. He’s seen carved birds, met pilgrims, enjoyed several active gallowes: but his most … Continue reading

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