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The first towne that I came unto was Dysseldorp a faire towne of Cleve-land, situate hard by the Rhene, which is famous for two things, the one a magnificent Palace belonging to the Duke: the other the residence of the … Continue reading

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Strasbourg (1) The Spaces in Between

It’s warm in Strasbourg, the last days of real summer. Around the cathedral square and along the canals of the old city an influx of visitors are consuming. Wine, cheese, culture. More cheese. The flow around the cathedral is relentless, … Continue reading

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A few tales from the Rhine Riverbank, Spoiler Alert: No Wagner Yet

Quite a lot of my days have started and continued like a tutorial at Oxford. The summoned by bells bit, woken from tired-limbed sleep by honking great church peels, at seven, half past, eight. I am usually human by eight. … Continue reading

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G-LOST, the fifty kilometre day

The old town of Brugg, like so many of the smaller places on the trip at this time of the year, wakes with deep sharp shadows, and a sense that the entire population is still at the beach, somewhere else. … Continue reading

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Today is the 400th anniversary of Tom’s Departure

A picture from Padua’s railway station Thanks Tom for inspiring my walk, changed my life – a little And in other news: the Venice bottom snapper has finally been caught. Normal walking service will shortly resume: I’m writing an academic … Continue reading

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