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Amiens raises an eyebrow

One more film poster soon for the Jules Verne museum? …director McG, who let slip that he wants Will Smith to star in his just-announced 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo at Disney. “The character Nemo in this film … Continue reading

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Writers Coming Soon

It was Godard, or Truffaut, both, who said: you can never go wrong with an umbrella I will be writing about Verne & Hugo, Montreuil & Amiens soon: social novels and the fantasticke take time.

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Amiens On July 7th, that is 7/7/7 – one of those Dan Brown numbers – the results of the new Seven Wonders of the World competition will be announced. The short list includes The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the … Continue reading

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I choose the Baroque café in Amiens, right by the Somme, because Tom Coryat was active in Europe in the “Baroque” era, the history book tells me. I must research this. Here all is riverside cafés, Cathedral views, and Pink … Continue reading

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Missed it

The two most terrifying words in the English language are “clown” and “Toby.” Toby is a “Clown contemporain”. He played last night in Amiens. I watched Rugby League.

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Suzanne At the good cake shop on a somewhat soulless, very wet, pedestrian drag and I’m talking Izzard and getting confusing instructions from the cake ladies for la Maison de Jules Verne, the Around the World in Eighty Days man … Continue reading

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Real Walkers

Amiens, up early for Church Les and Pamela have been visiting Australian war cemeteries in the Somme for a week. They’re from London. They like the café we’re sitting in because it isn’t fake, is logo-lite. “Not like those in … Continue reading

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Turf & Numero Neuf

Picquigny Civilized Saturday mornings at the Bar Terminus, betwixt Picquigny train station and the main street (where village quiet is vaguely distracted by a modern – albeit closed – Homeopathy shop). High on the hill, a Chateau; all around the … Continue reading

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Tom Today

I went from Abbevile about one of the clocke the same day, and came about eight of the clocke in the evening to a country village in Picardy called Picquigny, fourteene miles there hence distant. Most of the country betwixt … Continue reading

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