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Four Walls and a Computer

Walk for five minutes from Marie Antoinette’s bed-chamber in the chateau Fontainebleu and there’s another room, peopled by a crowd as international as those that roam the giant halls and tapestried royal corridors with their audio-feeds. Here too, down a … Continue reading

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The dog that did bark in the night

Fontainebleu is Betwixt Paris and the countryside: when the evening film ends at 10:10 and I leave the cinema, the bars are empty. There’s no chance to randomly discuss the mis-en-scène of Catherine Breillat’s new costume drama, La Vieille Mâitrese. … Continue reading

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After Paris

Several lifetimes ago and on a different continent I was a futurist, which meant I divined the data-leaves in the bottom of the digital tea-cup. Social trends, changes in behaviour, fashion and technologies was my thing. The arrival not just … Continue reading

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The Last Photograph

Over there, it is over there Pont Neuf, looking somewhere Seeing Notre Dame To Père Lachaise Cemetery, because I thought Susan Sontag was buried there; actually she’s in Montparnasse. Like Notre Dame this is as multi-national and camera heavy as … Continue reading

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Novels that change things

Notre Dame: the VIPs are up the tower; outside all is photography. Here too, of course “It is divided into three parts, the University, the Citie, and the Town by the noble river Sequana, commonly called la riviere de Seine, … Continue reading

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Intellectual Life Before Dan Brown: Official

A modern Scholar in the Marais An older one, sans wi-fi “I enjoyed one thing in Paris, which I most desired above all things, and oftentimes wished for before I saw the citie, even the sight and company of that … Continue reading

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Monday In Search of Collective Experience

The Sphinxes behind the Pyramid “Today it Rained,’ Joe Turner, Three Days of the Condor, 1975. More Cult Members There are even traces at the Bar “Three” Home at Last

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I am Curious, Yellow

My Hungarian friend Zsuzsi put it best. It was dusk in Springtime, or snowy in the autumn, and we approached the Pont Neuf, the ancient Paris bridge that Tom Coryat saw when he was here. “We could kiss,” she said, … Continue reading

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Fonda’s Marais

Jane Fonda’s France is not normal. The American actor first came here at nineteen, staying at a villa her father, Henry, had rented near Villefrance in the south. There she met the Agnellis, Jacqueline Ribes, Princess Monica Gircona, and brother … Continue reading

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Written after the lightning…

…which wiped even the wifi out. This is another fi-fish, 48 hours later. “The unexpected encounter is a crucial theme within surrealism…” Mark Polizzotti Man, that inveterate dreamer, daily more discontent with his destiny, has trouble assessing the objects he … Continue reading

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