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Now this is what I think of when I remember that Come Fly with Me is 50 years old

Flickr has some great vintage French tourist shots.Thanks to Olen Steinhauer. And here’s some Calais now, thanks also to Flickr.

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France: How to Live There in Print

How to live in France just by reading Picture from Treviso “Francophile porn: Living the ex-pat fantasy Before I had the inspiration of writing posts on the geography of different regions as a way of learning about France, I considered … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson, MP, becomes minor Jules Verne via John Lennon, suggests invasion

On the first day of Nicholas Sarkozy’s France, a Daily Telegraph visionary has the solution to South East England’s property madness. You may say I’m a dreamer, in the words of the poet Lennon, but I’m not the only one. … Continue reading

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