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Pussy Galore in Baden

The rain continues; all night now and into the morning. We leave Zurich’s cafe Schwarzenbach around 10.15 and it’s still pouring. Norbert has an umbrella, I have a soft hat advertising Splugen. Today we are walking the Limmat river to … Continue reading

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I Belong to the Beat Generation

Beat has a theory about travel. Beat is a winning Swiss-German combination of Eric Cantona, the French footballer turned actor-intellectual, Falstaff, and Anthony Lane, the New Yorker film critic. He runs a bar, the Andorra, named after the play of … Continue reading

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Across the Wallensee for a Zurich Reunion

Bad Ragaz is utterly still, deader than ever, at 6.30am. There’s nothing open for water or buns, and the hotel I’m staying in will no doubt put out a search party for Bambi, or anyone else involved with its miraculously … Continue reading

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An interesting new forgetting from Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrei

who believes: ‘the entire eastern European culture of the communist era’ has been forgotten according to NZZ online “The best part of this vibrant culture resulted from the rejection of communism, from critical thinking, from subversion. … Sadly, all that … Continue reading

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A Communal Event, for Everyone

Two weeks ago the Italian press wrote that a hacker had entered the publisher’s computer. It named the victims of J.K Rowling’s pen. Nothing was written in English to confirm or deny that my Google Alerts found. A global discretion…and … Continue reading

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