An interesting new forgetting from Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrei

who believes: ‘the entire eastern European culture of the communist era’ has been forgotten according to NZZ online

“The best part of this vibrant culture resulted from the rejection of communism, from critical thinking, from subversion. … Sadly, all that has disappeared, because it is mercilessly stamped as ‘communist’ culture. This forgetting can be blamed to a great extent on the global market. Global culture is first and foremost the global market. And it’s the survival of the fittest, in both global and other markets. Add to that a reflex hidden within each of us ? fear of being excluded. That pro-consumption reflex keeps the market going. ? And even if I rebel against it, the market will use my protest-orientation to its own benefit. … We live in the Age of Information and the Global Market, but at the same time in the Age of New Ignorance and Barbarity.”

Full article in German, from Zurich

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