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I’m going to try and find the report, which doesn’t yet appear to be online.

“The reputation of Britons abroad as hapless yobs has been confirmed in a report which exposes the number of holidaymakers who get into trouble overseas.

Figures from the Foreign Office show that between April 2005 and March last year, 1,549 Britons were arrested in Spain, 1,368 in the United States and 226 in Greece.

In the same period, 955 Britons were hospitalised in Greece, 601 in Spain, 233 in Thailand and 210 in France.

The growing number of British stag and hen parties in Prague saw the Czech Republic climb high in the list of countries where Britons need the most consular assistance.”

Spain was the most popular destination for British holidaymakers, with almost 14 million people travelling there. France came second (11 million) followed by Ireland (4.2 million), America (four million), Italy (3.4 million).

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