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The Betwixt Instrument

In the 450 years since the violin emerged in Italy it hasn’t changed much: improvements haven’t improved things. Thus the market for Stradivari grows with the bust-proof economic resilience of a north London house. As with many of the best … Continue reading

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Half the Full Monty

Cremona is, as I have written already, a music town; it is only in contemplation, which means getting back to real books, and a library, that even a few of its musical hauntings become easier to hear. Cremona is not … Continue reading

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From a man who was also Tom – not Tim

A few weeks ago I wrote to one of the people who has made this journey before. I asked the “Peregrine”of Odcombe how his sense of Tom had felt and evolved as he travelled. “I agree with your concerns about … Continue reading

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