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See Paris, just about

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St Denis Market

Pentecostal Paris to Follow “I went to St Denis , which is foure miles from Paris, the foure and twentieth of May…after dinner, where I saw many remarkable and memorable things. I passed trhough a Cloyster before I came into … Continue reading

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Dusty in St. Denis

“…one of the most commonly repeated patterns in the lives of travellers is some degree of personal transference to the cultural identity of the people whose lands they have wandered. This new sense of self could leave them unable or … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Shut

At the Auberge in St Leu rising for breakfast at eight raises eyebrows; by ten the market shows little signs of life either. A sleepy town, even the bikes are moth-balled. The 10:19 train to Paris, via Creil, arrives at … Continue reading

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Men will do Anything for Attention

In France it is no different. Milan 2, Liverpool 1 (Inzaghi 2).

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Self Portrait with Soap Opera

After Helena Bonham-Carter And E.M Forster

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Madame Bovary & the Champions League

For Traditionalists Clermont finds Thomas fascinated by a “wanted” poster – for an Englishman, naturally. I think he’s light on details because Paris is pulling him in. He’s seen carved birds, met pilgrims, enjoyed several active gallowes: but his most … Continue reading

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Of Words the Monopoly

When thou wast borne, some say, & all do thinke,The urine that thou mad’st, was perfect inke. Better than Rhubarbe purging melancholyOne that hath got of words the monopolyThat evesdrops a phrase, and like a spieWatcheth each bombast word, as … Continue reading

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The Full Monty: God bless French TV

On a distant planet named “Cannes” a film festival is in full weightless swing. It is the cue for French television to go “French Glamour” mad. On TV2 last night Sophie Marceau held court in blue while a Select Committee … Continue reading

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Spies Like Us

So you are 32, Tom Coryat, walking prodigious distances through northern France each day. Talking with who ever you find. Remember the words of his friend, John Gifford: “the wonder of this age, which doth admireHow Travell, Wit and Art … Continue reading

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