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Lodi is lovely – official

Afternoon in the Lodi Cathedral

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Double or Quits

“We know more than we can use. Look at all this stuff I’ve got in my head: rockets and Venetian churches, David Bowie and Diderot, nuoc mam and Big Macs, sunglasses and orgasms. How many newspapers and magazines do you … Continue reading

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A driver would be nice: Milan

Milan is big, the second city of Italy. The area around the station – a large area, all the way through half-developed Dante-hell close to Garibaldi to the so-so Corso Como, one of those hot spots, that’s not – is … Continue reading

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Death in Milan (and Rome)

Luchino Visconti, auteur and film-maker, could have entered “Betwixt” in Paris, where, travelling, he met and worked with Jean Renoir on “Une partie de campagne” in 1936. His position as assistant helped by his boyfriend of the time, the German … Continue reading

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Midsummer Day – is it?

From that Italian mistranslation: Shakespeare in Lodi Solstitial celebrations still centre upon 24 June, which is no longer the longest day of the year. The difference between the Julian calendar year (365.2500 days) and the tropical year (365.2422 days) moved … Continue reading

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Males in Crisis 2

Heavyweight suitcase or Lightweight jacket: the decisions of Milano NB.At the kiosk next to me here in Lodi a middle-aged man, like me, (except with double chin, goatee and capri pants) is listening to ear-bleeding levels of heavy metal whilst … Continue reading

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A mixed bag

All pix Vercelli In the green, hilly, valley of Les Charmettes just outside Chambéry, Jean-Jacques Rousseau found another refuge, this time with Madame de Warens, the lover he named “maman.” His “rights of man” politics were dangerous personally – and … Continue reading

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