Lodi is lovely – official

Afternoon in the Lodi Cathedral

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2 Responses to Lodi is lovely – official

  1. Unlikely as it may seem, the way I stumbled across your fascinating blog just now was by typing ‘Lodi’ into Google. I’m about to go there tomorrow (though I’m in Cambridge right now) and will probably call in at Crema on the way (the purpose of my google search was to see if there’s a bus betwixt the two. I’m still none the wiser about that: I suppose you walk!) I’ve printed out a big wadge of your posts to read on the way out: by the time I get to Lodi, it will perhaps feel like home from home… No doubt there’s an element of personal transference simply through reading travel writing, as well as in actually being a ‘first-hand tourist’, so to speak. Be that as it may, I’m now really keen to see the place…Jeremy Thurlowhttp://jeremythurlow.wordpress.com

  2. Robin Hunt says:

    Are you part of the Robinson college crew? I will read more of your site later. enjoy lodi

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