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I am five posts behind, but here is a vision of the first Italian city, Turin. Just five minutes of first things. There is still Rousseau, Trompe L’oeuil, Dukes of Savoy, Hazard, Mont Cenis…The Age of No Wireless Anxiety.

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Ways of Travel

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There are a lot like this: when my internet calm returns, I will post the better ones Alois is 52, he lives in the south of Slovenia, a village that has been Italian and Yugoslav; now it is Slovenia again. … Continue reading

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It happens at borders

On her way to Naples and another world Sanji is 34, but looks younger. “How come you stayed so calm when the one girl took one hour to buy a ticket?” she says. “It wasn’t a purchase it was an … Continue reading

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More when I recover from the uplifting moment not of crossing the Alps, but finding the internet again…

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And now for something a little different

This is what they are frightened of: from Modane, betwixt La Chambre and the Cenis Valley “Everyday it happens, habitually at four. The rain, the lightning.” It has been true for almost my journey, since Paris definitely. Everyday in the … Continue reading

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“…I never saw so many roguish Egyptians together in one place in all my life as in Nevers, where there was a multitude of men, women and children of them, that disguise their faces, a our counterfet western Egyptians in … Continue reading

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Chambery before J-J R

“Chambéry which is called in Latin Camberinum, is the capitall City of Savoy, wherein they keep their Parliament. It is seated in a plaine, and is but little, yet walled, and having certaine convenient gates. Many of their houses are … Continue reading

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Chambéry couples now internet is back

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