St Denis Market

Pentecostal Paris to Follow

“I went to St Denis , which is foure miles from Paris, the foure and twentieth of May…after dinner, where I saw many remarkable and memorable things. I passed trhough a Cloyster before I came into the Church. ..Images of many of the French Kings, set in certain woden cupboards…[the Crown itself…a “sword of King Solomans” Dogobert stuff….Scepters etc…drinking cup of John of Gaunt…]”

Thomas Coryat

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4 Responses to St Denis Market

  1. Robin, we probably just crossed paths. I was in Paris for a few hectic days, saw St Denis from the Eurostar on the way in. I didn’t realize you’d be there so soon, but having said that, I hardly had a spare minute. Hope things are going well.

  2. Robin Hunt says:

    Going very well; in the Marais now. Hope you enjoyed Paris, despite the rain.

  3. That storm on Friday evening was something else, wasn’t it?

  4. Robin Hunt says:

    I get power back I’ll post about it, it wiped out the wifi the phones and the elevator! any file bigger than this just evaporates. I’m writing about chance too: how funny we both were here.

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