Rhinetown, a little different


A rash of Rhine-bank motor homes broadcast Bundesliga

From Achilles’ shields and the Jesuit college is closing:

The group can deal, will later uncork Gewürztraminer

At wine festivals concluded by ‘rock stars’ overdosing

On crimes committed against musical humanity

And the piped paddle-steamboat accordions battle beats

With disco cruisers and containers freighting white Audis

To Cologne – while, off-Rhine, Frankfurt (am Main) counts tax receipts.

At weekends hinterland parks with tended paths and signed walks

Echo to the Iron Man ker-klunk of local baseball leagues,

In Kunstmuseum back room post-docs write Otto Dix talks.

Below, sinewed heptathletes dodge leashed dogs and frisbee geeks.

Mark Twain once hucked-up here with all the usual suspects

Of the grand theft auto tour who inflamed all their senses

With sublime stimuli for their unexpected subtexts.

Peak-top castles canto’d by many now host conferences

Where global ethical governance Powerpoints are penned

After veal and port and minstrel songs as new strategy

To spark the market engine; tidy warehouses that send

Good goods up and down stream without need of an elegy.

Spry mystics, dry vintners, prefabricated haus gurus

Ferment their vintages high in these heritage site hills

Explained by the staffs of multi-lingual tourist bureaus

In stark example of Germany’s pan-european skills.

With magic Merrells sodden the only shoe shop around

Has silver Birkenstock sandals deigned by Heidi Klum

(@ several hundred Euros) – few spotted on the ground.

Ein bischen half-arsed hoodies on T-Mobile chewing gum:

Small town rebellion, Commerz-bankers’ sons don’t belong,

They’re still winning bets by BlackBerry cheat in cocktail bars

– Peopled by red-braced Mohicans, though that could just be Bonn –

Serving tinned Sontag brunch spaghetti with chill-out guitars.

These towns that lack the serious loot and ripe Reeperbahns,

Without golf-karting Messe halls or Keifer collection

Tide along the waves of summer seasons with few alarms,

Such picturesque business gives strangers cause for reflection.

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