News Alert: The Italian War on Terror

When asked the secret of his success the world’s greatest comedian interrupts the question to shout: “timing”. I feel a little like the world’s worst reporter today as I read that in Padua, forty kilometres away, terrorist arrests have been made. And I am pondering Leon Alberti and the Postmodern “malaise”.

Everything is “timing”.

Quite what this means I am not sure. Here are the facts as they can be found online:

“Italian police said Friday they have arrested two men in northern Italy accused of being members of a radical leftist terror group similar to the Red Brigades. The two were arrested late Thursday in the northeastern city of Padua, said anti-terror police official Eugenio Spina.”

Here is an earlier story, from February.

“Police conducted raids across northern Italy, breaking up a Red Brigades-style terror group that was planning kidnappings or kneecappings of victims, Milan prosecutors said.

Police said they arrested 15 suspects in Milan, Turin, Padua and other northern Italian cities Monday. “We prevented dangerous persons who considered themselves in war with this state from carrying out violent actions,” Prosecutor Ilda Boccassini told a news conference in Milan.”

Recently an Italian told me: “It’s all very well England being open and free and liberal but it isn’t tough enough with the bad people.” But how do you decide who is bad? “Look, if they have a website and on it they state their intentions – you know, to kills Jews, destroy Israel. Then surely that is enough?”

I wonder what the Italians have on the two – or four suspects (for a while today there was an article online about “four Algerians”, it’s gone now). Perhaps by the time I reach Venice I’ll know.

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