It is all happening down the road in Padua, and back in Milan

This all from today’s Daily Telegraph.

“An Italian council estate ringed with a steel wall to keep its residents inside will be closed today and its African immigrant residents dispersed despite fears that a planned amnesty for thousands of new arrivals will have consequences for countries across Europe.

The Serenissima – or Very Tranquil – estate, Italy’s last ghetto, became a symbol of the way Italy mismanaged its immigrants after the local council in Padua built the wall and set up a checkpoint at the exit last year.”

And everyone has their angle: “”A move to suddenly make 550,000 immigrants legal is very worrying,” said one British diplomat,” reports the newspaper. Though it leads with a juicier newsbite:

“Although the estate was constantly policed, gangs loitered on the streets outside. Earlier this summer, Princess Virginia von Furstenberg, an heiress of the Agnelli family, was arrested and cautioned after she stopped her Mercedes in the area to pick up three grams of cocaine.”

Meanwhile, back in Milan at La Scala a ballet for a sad anniversary, the Miami murder of Gianni Versace in 1997:

“Thanks Gianni, With Love was put together by French choreographer Maurice Bejart, for whom Versace designed many stage costumes.

About 1,500 guests, including Versace’s favourite models, attended the show at the La Scala opera house.”

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