Why Venice and the art thing might seem a little less Europe; a little more "global"

From Hello magazine online; was the Mantua Times like this in 1608? It probably was:

“A West End stage debut can be a daunting prospect even for an actor whose star burns bright in Hollywood. So Orlando Bloom made sure he had some heavy duty support on the opening night of his play In Celebration at the Duke Of York theatre, having invited fellow creative mind Tracy Emin.

In the drama Kent-born Orlando, 30, portrays a son returning home for what will be a fraught party to mark his parents’ ruby wedding anniversary.

And Tracy, fresh from her own triumph at the Venice Biennale, made it clear just what she thought of her friend’s first stage outing during a get-together after the show. The 44-year-old artist threw her arms around the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor in an enthusiastic embrace, before having an animated chat with his mother Sonia.

The former wild child of British art was returning a compliment, as Orlando bought one of her famous neon light artworks last year. The piece had been donated by Tracy to the Raisa Gorbachev foundation, which funds children’s healthcare projects in memory of Mikhail Gorbachev’s wife. The sale earned her dinner with the former Russian leader.”

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